Capital Cake Chick

Cake Flavors and Pricing

A note about pricing: Pricing cakes is dependent on a number of factors. A "small cake" doesn't necessarily mean a small price! Some of the things that must be considered when figuring the price of a cake include the following:

Flavor and Size
Type of filling
Complexity of design
Is it a tiered (or stacked) cake?
Is it covered with fondant?
Is it sculpted?

With that in mind, I have created the following table to give you a rough idea
of my cake prices for non-sheet cakes. I have pans in many shapes (including round,
square, oval, hexagon and heart) and sizes to accommodate your needs.
Click here to see photos of some actual cakes and their prices.

Cake Flavors

Basic Flavors
$2.50 per serving*

Specialty Flavors
$3.00 per serving*
Premium Flavors
$3.50 per serving*
Sour Cream White
Chocolate Decadence
German Chocolate
Cookies 'n Cream
Italian Cream
Devil's Food
Chocolate Mocha
Red Velvet

*Price includes non-tiered, non-sculpted cakes with buttercream icing (e.g.,not covered in fondant), buttercream icing filling, and basic cake decoration. For more intricate decoration, the price could increase. For tiered cakes, add $.50 per serving; for fondant-covered cakes, add $.50 per serving.


Icing Flavors


Peanut Butter
Bavarian Cream
Chocolate Mocha
Chocolate Almond

** Additional charge dependent on the size of the cake. There is no additional charge if buttercream icing is used to fill the cake.

Sheet Cake Sizes
(Prices shown are for single-layer basic cake flavors
with no filling, buttercream icing, and basic cake decoration)

7"x11" (1/6 sheet) - serves 15 - $40

9"x13" (1/4 sheet) - serves 24 - $54

11"x15" (1/3 sheet) - serves 35 - $78

12"x18" (1/2 sheet) - serves 48 - $108

18"x24" (full sheet) - serves 96 - $225


Bargain Basement Sheet Cakes
When you need extra cake to add servings to your party, these cakes are simply
iced and a buttercream border is piped, but no other decoration is added.
(Prices shown are for single-layer basic cake flavors
with buttercream icing, no filling, and no decoration)

9"x13" (1/4 sheet) - serves 24 - $36

11"x15" (1/3 sheet) - serves 35 - $53

12"x18" (1/2 sheet) - serves 48 - $72

18"x24" (full sheet) - serves 96 - $154


A note about my flavors: As mandated by the Texas Cottage Food Law, I am only allowed to sell "non-potentially hazardous" baked goods from my home kitchen. What does this mean? Basically, it means I'm not allowed to sell anything that requires refrigeration. For this reason, I am unable to offer items such as cream cheese icing, whipped icing, tres leches cakes, fillings requiring refrigeration such as mousses and curds, cheesecakes, etc.
Sorry, but that's the law!

Are you thoroughly confused about pricing by now?! If so, call or e-mail me with the design you have in mind for your cake, and I will figure out the cost for you!