Capital Cake Chick

Cake Pricing

Below are examples of some cakes and their corresponding prices. The main factor that affects the price of a cake is the complexity of the design. This means even though a cake may be small, it could turn out to be more expensive than a larger cake with a simpler design.


The prices shown below include a basic cake flavor
and buttercream icing filling (where applicable).

Simple design, 1/4 sheet


Medium complexity design, 1/4 sheet


Handmade fondant figures & shells,
1/4 sheet


Handmade fondant figures,
krispie treat slide, 1/4 sheet


Handmade fondant topper,
8" double-layer round cake


3-D chip bag (made of cake) with handmade fondant chips, 1/4 sheet


High complexity design, 8" single-layer round cakes
$40 each

High complexity design, 1/4 sheet

Buttercream icing, simple design, 2-tiered (8" and 6" rounds)

Buttercream icing, medium-high
complexity design, 2-tiered
(8" and 6" rounds)

Fondant-covered, medium complexity design, handmade bow, 2-tiered (8" and 6" rounds)